Dog Training Chiang Mai

Trust, respect and understanding are demands that we should have on the partnership with our dog. Such a partnership can only be built through mutual trust and communication. Motivation and praise are just as important in this way as a termination signal and setting limits.

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dog training chiang mai

Personal Dog Trainer Chiang Mai

Goals of my work:

– partnership between human and dog
– the perception of the dog as a dog
– the acceptance of its otherness
– the development of his potential
– respect of his skills
– the knowledge of his limits
– a common language for successful communication

Dog Training Chiang Mai & Thailand

If the relationship between dog and owner is not good, humans very often lose control over their companion. The dog makes the experience that he can escape and is on his own. However, the dog should make the experience that his human controls situations and this for the most part. The more often a dog makes the experience that the human remains outside, does not communicate or communicates badly or remains unclear in his influence, the more the dog becomes independent. From this point on it becomes more and more difficult, sometimes almost impossible for humans to influence the dog.

Our dogs are true specialists and show appropriate behavior. These innate breed-specific behavioral patterns are individual and differently pronounced. This includes, for example, hunting or guarding.

Communication & Dog Training

The more often a dog is allowed to live out its instincts, the more difficult it becomes for the dog to control itself and for us to control him. For this reason it is essential to clarify with the dog when which behavior is desired and when not. This requires communication!

The characteristics and abilities of the dog to survive in our world mean that he is ready to get in contact and communicate with us. If we accept him as our social partner, we ourselves will make other demands on the quality of our relationship with this partner.

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